Employee Spotlight - Jessica Powell

I grew up outdoors. My dad is a giant gear head, and I grew up following him around in the mountains on dirt bikes, four wheelers, and snowmobiles. After I moved to Utah for college, I realized there was an entirely different way to enjoy being outside that didn’t have anything to do with engines or gears, and I jumped right in. Since that point, the outdoors has kind of swallowed most aspects of my life; my work, my free time...and most of my paycheck. While I was in school studying recreational therapy, I worked at a local gear shop selling backpacking and climbing gear. I fell in love with the outdoor industry in that shop, and am so grateful to be able to continue being a part of it here at Liberty Mountain.

Name: Jessica Powell
Number of years working for Liberty Mountain: 1 year
Job title: Sales Rep
Short description of what you do at Liberty Mountain: I work with the brick and mortar shops in Colorado and the Midwest.
What do you like most about your job? I love getting out and visiting the shops-especially when we have time to get out and climb!
Active in the following sports/activities/hobbies: Climbing of all types, Canyoneering, Backpacking, Biking, Splitboarding, Trail Running, playing the guitar, reading
Favorite activity: Climbing!

Favorite outdoor areas: Red Rocks National Conservation, The Uinta National Forest, The Wasatch, St George, Utah
Piece of outdoor gear you most wish you had: SUP or Kayak-I don’t know how to do any water things.
Most interesting place ever lived: Tavua, Fiji
Top-five favorite movies: Tommy Boy, Home, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Sixth Sense, Baby Momma

Top-five favorite books: This question is too hard. The 5 most recent were A Dog’s Purpose, The Wilderness Essays, The Light Between 2 Oceans, Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, and Alone on the Wall.
First memory spending time Outdoors: I come from a family of 5 girls, so my dad gave up on having a boy to take on “man adventures” and started hauling me around instead. My first real “outdoor” memory is of a hunting trip we did. He made me pick up deer poop and pinch it between my fingers to see if it was fresh. It was an interesting daddy-daughter bonding experience for a 6 year old.
Inspirational Hero: Steph Davis. She’s so hardcore.
Dream vacation: A climbing trip to Thailand.

Favorite food to eat outside: Those peach cup things. But with fruit juice not syrup.
Cake or pie: Popsicles.
Dogs or Cats: Dogs. Specifically my dog, Ande.


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