Employee Spotlight - Matthew Bowe

"I’ve always been the stereotypical nerd. My dad has worked as a network systems engineer for HP my entire life. He’d always bring home broken computers and hardware for my brothers and me to fix.  I built be first PC from discarded components when I was 6. My mom is a classically trained concert pianist and passed her musical ability on to her children. I attended college on a full scholarship for instrumental music. In recent years, I’ve begun semi-professionally competing in cosplay contests at comic conventions. My costumes have been highlighted several times in local news publications.

I’ve never been a person capable of doing only one thing at a time. I frequently have more than one employer in order to round out my life. I came to Liberty Mountain after a year of working at my full-time job where I monitor and support media streams to and from a myriad of customers and companies. I nearly never actually see the computers I’m logged into or even meet face to face with the customers I’m supporting. Liberty Mountain affords me the opportunity to get back into working with physical hardware and friendly faces."

Name: Matthew Bowe
Time working for Liberty Mountain: 5 months
Job title: Part-time IT Help Desk / SysAid
What you do at Liberty Mountain: I fix all the things. I set up workstations, install network hardware, fix software installations, and educate users.
What do you like about your job? I love being hands-on with the things I fix.
Active in the following activities: I teach violin and viola. I perform chamber music with my family. I maintain my hobbled-together networks of self-built servers and IoT devices, I fly fish, and I cosplay.
Favorite activity: Eating Red Wagon corndogs and Dole Whips in Disneyland.

Favorite outdoor areas:  Quiet, shallow streams full of hungry brook trout… or Disneyland.
Most interesting place ever lived: Cologne, Germany
Top-five favorite movies: Galaxy Quest, Pete’s Dragon (1977), Wall- E, Sneakers, Guardians of the Galaxy
Top-five favorite books: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (series); Ready, Player One; Seveneves, The Martian, Dragonsong

First memory spending time outdoors: I remember spontaneous day picnics in the canyon on hot summer days.
Inspirational Hero: Adam Savage
Dream vacation: Adventures by Disney: Germany- Heidelberg, Alsfeld, Waldeck, Rothenburg, Munich
Favorite food: Tortellini Alfredo
Cake or pie: Pie

Dogs or Cats: Cats


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