Gear Review: Peregrine Camping Products

Photo from Trail and Ultra Running's post
The crew at Trail and Ultra Running recently took a few Peregrine Camping products along on some of their race travels. They tested out the Refuge hammock along with a Peregrine strap kit and the Radama 4 tent. 

Here's a sample of what they had to say:

Refuge Hammock: "What sets this hammock apart is its durability and strength compared to the competition."

Radama 4 Tent: "We can say with confidence that if you’re looking for a tent that is comfortable and can sleep a family of 4 right out of the car, the Peregrine Ramada 4 is the right tent."

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Gear Review: Cypher Shoes

Our friends up north at Ontario Climbing recently published a review praising two models of Cypher shoes, the Codex and Sentinel. The reviewer tried the shoes during a few days at the crag and the shoe's performance not only impressed him, but his climbing partners as well. 

The performance of the Codex was described this way: "I felt like I was cheating. Miniscule footholds felt like ledges. It was effortless to stand on holds I would normally skate off without intense focus." 

The Sentinels like this: "Anyone who knows me would agree the Sentinels are more my style. I’m obsessed with climbing shoe comfort. While these were sized about a half-size small for me, they were still infinitely comfortable."

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Gear Review: Peregrine Radama 6 Tent

The Gear Review team at "Backcountry Exposure" recently tested the Radama 6 tent from Peregrine Equipment. The tent is relatively new to the lineup and makes a great choice for families looking to spend some time in the outdoors. The reviewer Devin says that the tent "kills the competition with the features that are included" and is "perfect for family car camping."

To learn more about the Radama 6 and the full lineup of Peregrine Tents, visit the website here

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Employee Spotlight: Aaron Smock

A little bit on what led Aaron to Liberty Mountain:

Liberty Mountain specializes in (almost) “Everything for the Outdoors”.  I like to think that I also specialize in (almost) everything in the outdoors.  I grew up playing soccer and really didn’t get into backcountry recreation until after I graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies).  Through student courses with NOLS, I was exposed backpacking and sea kayaking.  The NOLS expeditions opened my eyes to wilderness travel and there was no turning back.  After NOLS I completed a Wilderness First Responder and training with the American Canoe Association.  I applied technical certifications to employment with a wilderness therapeutic treatment center, outdoor education, coastal ecology tour guiding, backcountry hiking trips for a high adventure summer camp, river running, trip leading with NOLS, a retail gear shop and eventually my employment with Liberty Mountain.  I am incredibly thankful that I was able to travel during my 20’s.  I learned a lot about myself and how to be a good team player through my time in the backcountry.  These days I am a true weekend warrior but behind the thin candy shell a wilderness enthusiast is patiently waiting for the next adventure. 

Name:  Aaron Smock     
Number of years working for Liberty Mountain: 4 as of April 2016
Job title:  Northeast Territory Rep
Short description of what you do at Liberty Mountain: I am an in-house sales rep and I am the main point of contact for our retail partners.  I process orders, represent our house/exclusive brands, attend trade shows, and visit retailers.
Active in the following sports/activities/hobbies: In the summer I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping.  In the winter months I ski

Favorite activity: Discovering a new, super hoppy IPA
Favorite outdoor areas: Baja, Mexico, Prince William Sound, AK, The Kimberly of Western Australia, Wind River Range, WY
Most interesting place ever lived: Burlington, VT
Least interesting place ever lived: I spent 9 months in the womb and I couldn’t wait to get out!
Top-five favorite movies: Big Lebowski, Star Wars, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Animal House, Pulp Fiction

Top-five favorite books: Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, Monkey Wrench Gang, Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Telemark Tips, National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Rocky Mountain States, Giving Tree
Top-five favorite bands: Grateful Dead, Phish, Beastie Boys, 10 foot Ganja Plant
Inspirational Hero: Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock
Inspirational quote: Ty Webb: Don't be obsessed with your desires Danny. The Zen philosopher, Basho, once wrote, 'A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish.' He was a funny guy.
Dream vacation:  Road Bike tour of Ireland
Cake or pie:  Pie ‘til I die!


Penta Helmet Named "Best in Class"

The Singing Rock Penta helmet recently received the Best in Class award for best climbing helmets of 2016. The award, given by Gear Institute, came after months of testing and comparison among competitive helmets.

In the review, the Gear Institute testers called the helmet a "well-rounded and versatile helmet for rock and ice climbers." They raved over its functionality in all disciplines of climbing, and the helmet's simple and comfortable webbing harness system. 

Read the full review here


2016 Summer Outdoor Retailer Recap

Another Outdoor Retailer show has come and gone, the streets of downtown Salt Lake City are now a bit less crowded, and all who attended the show are looking forward to new gear hitting the market over the coming months. For those who weren’t able to attend, we’ll give a recap of the “coming soon” products from some of the brands that we distribute.

Peregrine Camping Equipment

Peregrine introduced a new line of sleeping bags, the Altai series. The Altai bags are unique in that they are the first sleeping bag to use a Primaloft down blend as insulation. The blend combines the best qualities of both types of insulation and makes for an extremely compressible and warm fill. The series features 3 bags, with zero degree, twenty degree, and Evo summer bag options. The two warmer bags feature YKK locking zippers and draft collars, while the Evo bag features a non-locking zipper allowing it to quickly convert into a blanket. The Evo summer bag also includes a drawstring closure at the bottom of the bag that can be completely sealed off, and a hood pocket at the top to be used with the bag in blanket mode. All three bags are made with a durable and smooth nylon fabric and feature double zipper protectors to prevent zipper snags.

Peregrine has also released a line of sleeping pads with four models. The inflatable pads come in various widths, thicknesses, and price points to fit almost any camper’s needs.

Cypher Climbing

While there weren't any new shoes or quickdraws from Cypher, the company did show off an all new line of chalk bags. The bags feature unique and playful designs that will stand out at the crag and allow climbers to spice up the look of their harness.


Beal continues to build on its line of Web-Core harnesses with the introduction of three new lines. The Progress line features non-laminated web core technology and leg loop adjustability in a lightweight package. The new Soft line of harnesses focuses on comfort above all else (except safety of course), and its three harnesses are lined with foam padding for a cloud like fit. The last new line, the Compact, have a wide belt and pack down small. The Mirage harness in this line also features a Recco reflector, making it perfect for mountaineering and ice climbing.


Grivel adds to its streak of innovation with loads of new gear. The Clepsydra small will soon be available and was designed as the ultimate belay carabiner. The Tau Twin Lock features an innovative new locking mechanism and is a light and versatile fully locking biner. Grivel’s new Ghost ice axe is ultralight and perfect for ski tours and fast and light mountaineering. The company also introduced a line of trekking poles that are stable, ultralight, fold down very easily, and make a great option for hikers and trail runners. The Airtek 28 backpack is a lightweight climbing pack that features a curved bottom panel to allow easy access to the gear on the back of a climbers harness. As if this all wasn’t enough, Grivel also introduced two new ice carrybiners for racking ice screws, an ultralight model made of plastic, and a full strength aluminum carabiner.

The folks at Vaude have also been coming out with some rad new gear. Building off of the lightweight daypacks introduced last year, the company introduced the Zerum line of ultralight trekking packs. They feature a supportive and breathable mesh back panel and weight in at just under two or three pounds depending on the size. Also new for 2017 is the Brentour line of backpacks. These packs are ventilated, made for heavier loads than the Zerum, and feature outer mesh pockets, making a perfect place for stashing stinky or wet clothing. As with all Vaude packs, the new lines are manufactured with the highest commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Signings and Events

Liberty Mountain was able to host a number of professional climbers in the booth for poster signings and athlete meet and greets. We partnered with ClimbOn products for signings with Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden, and Jonathan Siegrist. A few athletes representing brands distributed by Liberty Mountain were there as well including Stevie Haston, Angela VanWiemeersch, and Pamela Pack.

We were also excited to host a signing for copies of a new Salt Lake City climbing guide “The Granite Guide” authored by Liberty Mountain’s own Nathan Smith, along with Andrew Burr and Tyler Phillips. As there was a limited number of copies available, we had climbers lining up more than 30 minutes before the signing began to make sure they got their own copy.

Overall the show was very successful and as always, a chance to mingle with friends from the industry that we love. We're excited for the upcoming launches of these new products and look forward to the innovation that will come about before the next show.


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Grivel Tau Carabiner Recognized as "Innovative Climbing Product"

Each time the Outdoor Retailer show rolls into Salt Lake City, we can be sure of two things: that loads of new and innovative gear will be on display, and that the folks at weighmyrack.com will be around to document all of it. After spending days checking out new products, the weigh my rack gear gurus have compiled their list of the "8 Most Innovative Climbing Products Coming in 2017." The gear making the list represents companies creating safer, greener, and more simple ways to get out and enjoy the mountains.

One of the products included in the list is the all new and completely revolutionary Grivel Tau wire lock carabiner. For the last few years, Grivel has come out with new and innovative locking carabiners and the Tau is another welcome addition to the club. Rather than having two opposed gates like many of the recent products from Grivel, the Tau wire lock features two gates (one key lock and one wire) that open in the same direction. When closed, the wire gate holds the keylock gate in place and creates a simple and easy to open auto locking carabiner that will easily slide into even the smallest chains and anchors. The carabiner will make it easy for climbers to lower the weight of their rack without sacrificing any safety. 

Check out all 8 products here.

The Tau wire lock carabiner will be available through Liberty Mountain later this year.