Liberty Mountain Partners with OverBoard

Liberty Mountain is excited to announce its partnership with OverBoard, the UK Based Global Waterproof Sports Manufacturer with a wide range of market leading waterproof accessories including backpacks, Duffel Bags, Dry Bags and Technology Cases. As the exclusive US distributor for OverBoard products, Liberty Mountain will make them available to its vast network of shops, stores, and prodeal customers. The lineup of OverBoard products has received awards globally from reviewers both large and small in the outdoor, cycling, and marine industries. 

OverBoard products are some of the best in the industry and are tested to a very high standard, assuring that they will stand up to the abuse of exposure to water, snow, sand, and dirt. Some of the tests that the products go through include: 

  • Temperature Test
  • Depth Test
  • Strength Test
  • Dust, Sand, and Dirt Tests
  • Dunk Test
  • Weld Pressure Test
  • Load Break Test
  • Repetitive Stress Test 

More information can be found on the product testing process here.

About OverBoard

It all began on the beaches of Thailand and Australia - back in 2006. Having been friends since uni, Dan and Joel had quit the rat race and slipped on their flip-flops to spend six months on an epic beach, boat, surf and scuba holiday.
For weeks they fought to keep their technology, valuables and clothes safe from the impact of water and sand. And finally light dawned – what they needed was a totally trustworthy waterproof bag that guaranteed them peace of mind without slowing them down. More than that, if this was their need it had to be true for thousands of others too.
Back home, even before their tans had faded, they were researching, designing, innovating and producing their first prototypes – the perfect dry bags. And the bags became their first OverBoard products.
The response from friends, family and a growing band of highly satisfied customers spurred them on and so the range had to grow. More colors, sizes and solutions to protect everything from phones and iPads to emergency supplies – from the ravages of water, snow, dirt and sand.
Fast forward and today they are leaders in waterproof bags and cases, with customers and distributors in over 70 countries. Sure, it’s been hard work – but there are perks. Not only do they test everything in the factory, the ultimate trial is in real life situations, ideally with the sun beating down. And somebody has to do it!
Wherever you go, whatever you do, there’s an OverBoard 100% waterproof product for you.

Keep it dry!

For more information, visit over-board.com

About Liberty Mountain

Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of technical outdoor products and climbing gear in the U.S. In other words, Liberty Mountain is your one-stop-shop with everything for the outdoors. Since 1952, Liberty Mountain has been making outdoor gear stores profitable by reducing holding costs, keeping shelves stocked, and providing the most intuitive products on the market.

As a wholesale distributor, Liberty Mountain carries thousands of products from over 900 different brands and is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the following brands: Beal, Edelweiss, Equinox, Grivel, Kong, Singing Rock, Stram, Trangia, Valandre, Vaude and many more. Liberty Mountain also manufactures its own brands including Peregrine, Olicamp, Cypher, Outdoor Designs and others.

Where We Are
Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and reaching into the roots of the Appalachians, Liberty Mountain operates out of two major warehouses in Sandy, UT and Montoursville, PA. With these two locations, Liberty Mountain is able to offer 1-2 day ground shipping to most of the United States.

How We Do It
Liberty Mountain is committed to great customer service, unrivaled in-stock percentages, on time error-free shipments, and easy-to-receive packages.

Great Customer Service
Fast, dependable service is more than just a goal – it’s the standard. Liberty Mountain’s experienced and knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help with all your outdoor product needs. As proof of this, in 2016 the Liberty Mountain sales team made around 600 shop visits and was present at nearly 40 trade shows throughout the year.

In Stock and Ready to Ship
Liberty Mountain is committed to having both warehouses stocked with the products you need. When your customer needs it tomorrow, it’ll be out of our door today and usually to your shop within two days. The moment your shelves get low, visit LibertyMountain.com, email, or give us a call.

Getting You the Product…When You Need It
Liberty Mountain’s two locations in Pennsylvania and Utah enable fast shipping—within two days via ground to almost everywhere in the lower 48. Order by 1:00pm Mountain Time and your package will be shipped that very same day. Most of the time even orders placed later in the afternoon will ship the same day.

Keeping Shops Profitable
Liberty Mountain’s goal is to help shops become more profitable and increase sales. Liberty Mountain keeps products in stock and available, eliminating the need for shops to keep stacks of product on hand. Because it’s so easy to top off inventories, shops can achieve faster turnover and increase their margins. In addition, Liberty Mountain’s freight allowance helps keep costs down and margins high. See our terms & conditions for all of the details.

No Order Minimums
With no order minimums at Liberty Mountain, shops can get exactly as much or as little as they need, every single time.  

Consolidation of Orders
Because Liberty Mountain carries so many products, you are able to purchase from hundreds of brands on the same order. This means fewer orders and an easier time keeping products in stock.

Custom Silk Screening
Liberty Mountain offers customized printing on six brands of water bottles, Zippo lighters, Voile ski straps, Kershaw knives, and much more. Contact us about ordering custom Nalgene bottles or other products with your shop’s logo.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint
Ordering from multiple brands at once rather than from each company separately can lower the environmental impact of your business. Your entire order will ship together and eliminate the need to place several orders.

Vendor Specific Benefits

Sophisticated Tools
Due to the ever-changing online retail landscape, Liberty Mountain has developed software that can target or block specific customers and segments. Your product will only be sold to the shops and segments that you approve. The software also allows strict enforcement of MAP and provides the option of blocking habitual MAP violators.

We work with all the larger specialty retailers in the US. We are fully EDI compliant and are setup to meet retailer shipping and labeling requirements. Being a vendor, we make it easier for larger chains to pick up your products without the need to expose yourself to chargebacks and other compliance costs.

Increasing Sales
Liberty Mountain’s goal is to help vendors become more profitable and increase sales. Liberty Mountain keeps products in stock and available so that shops won’t need to carry as much inventory, and won’t need to place as many small orders with the vendor. 

When a shop runs out of one or two items but cannot meet vendor minimum orders, both the vendor and the shop lose out on sales. Liberty Mountain keeps your products in stock and with no order minimums, shops can order exactly what they need to keep their shelves stocked and your products selling.

Shops view us as the one-stop shop, everything for the outdoors. Working with Liberty Mountain opens up thousands of smaller shops to your products without the additional sales costs of maintaining thousands of small accounts. 

Large Prodeal Presence
Liberty Mountain will expose your product to its network of over 10,000 Outdoor Industry professionals who qualify for personal prodeals. These customers are very valuable as they often influence purchases made by friends and family members. Unlike other prodeal providers, there are no additional fees on pro orders. Liberty Mountain can also manage pro purchase requests for your entire brand.

To learn more about Liberty Mountain, visit our website or contact us here

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