Vaude Commits to Greenpeace Detox Challenge

German outdoor company VAUDE has long been known for its sustainable manufacturing processes, but its most recent commitment to the environment may be the biggest yet. On July 13, the outdoor outfitter VAUDE announced its Greenpeace Detox Commitment in which the company voluntarily agrees to eliminate all hazardous chemicals in its supply chain by 2020. "Zero Discharge" is the joint goal of VAUDE and Greenpeace. With this commitment, VAUDE is taking clear responsibility for the entire lifecycle of its products, which also includes clean and safe production throughout the supply chain. 

"VAUDE has taken the PFC issue seriously from the beginning and has now set a very ambitious timeline to eliminate these hazardous chemicals by 2018 from its entire supply chain. Thank you VAUDE for responding to your customers’ demands, for choosing to commit to Detox and taking this bold step towards a toxic-free future", said Mirjam Kopp, Detox Outdoor project leader from Greenpeace.For years VAUDE has been working hard to completely avoid the use of hazardous chemicals – at its material suppliers as well. “We want to be able to stand behind even the smallest button on our products. But as an independent mid-sized company, the influence we have over our suppliers and the chemical industry has been too low. We therefore welcomed the Detox Greenpeace campaign from the outset. After intensive discussions and negotiations with Greenpeace, we have found common ground – which we are very pleased about! After all, we can only make progress by working together,” said Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE CEO.

To find out more about VAUDE's efforts to protect and preserve the outdoors, take a look at its sustainability report.

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