Grivel Tau Carabiner Recognized as "Innovative Climbing Product"

Each time the Outdoor Retailer show rolls into Salt Lake City, we can be sure of two things: that loads of new and innovative gear will be on display, and that the folks at weighmyrack.com will be around to document all of it. After spending days checking out new products, the weigh my rack gear gurus have compiled their list of the "8 Most Innovative Climbing Products Coming in 2017." The gear making the list represents companies creating safer, greener, and more simple ways to get out and enjoy the mountains.

One of the products included in the list is the all new and completely revolutionary Grivel Tau wire lock carabiner. For the last few years, Grivel has come out with new and innovative locking carabiners and the Tau is another welcome addition to the club. Rather than having two opposed gates like many of the recent products from Grivel, the Tau wire lock features two gates (one key lock and one wire) that open in the same direction. When closed, the wire gate holds the keylock gate in place and creates a simple and easy to open auto locking carabiner that will easily slide into even the smallest chains and anchors. The carabiner will make it easy for climbers to lower the weight of their rack without sacrificing any safety. 

Check out all 8 products here.

The Tau wire lock carabiner will be available through Liberty Mountain later this year.

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