Vaude Announces Eco-Friendly Water Repellency

German outdoor company Vaude has recently announced their transition into a more environmentally friendly water repellent finish to be used on its new products. The move comes as part of a company objective to eliminate the use of PFCs (Perfluorinated compounds) by the year 2020. 

After intensive research and development, VAUDE will be transitioning a majority of its products with water repellent finishes to environmentally friendly PFC-free alternatives in the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. These technologies have been put through numerous tests with different materials and have met performance requirements.

"The most recent test results have convinced us. They evince outstanding water repellency, so we will therefore be transitioning a majority of the collection," Antje von Dewitt,Vaude's CEO stated, pleased as to the progress on this much-discussed PFC question. The challenge in this issue is to dispense with the use of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFC) in DWR fabric finishes, or water-repellent treatments of textile surfaces. When transitioning to environmentally friendly alternatives, there have been numerous challenges that have had to be met: from reduced functionality due to lack of water and oil repellency, to undesirable effects on color and surface properties, to changes in a fabric’s nature. The ongoing testing effort at VAUDE over the last years was, and remains, correspondingly high.

VAUDE sustainability strategy: "The green theme"

VAUDE employs a comprehensive sustainability strategy that serves as a "green theme" throughout all areas of the company. "It is important to strike a balance between environmental, social and economic responsibility," Antje von Dewitz stated. "We implement our values ​​in all areas as well as promote technological advancements and the search for environmentally friendly performance materials in the supply industry." With sales performance that has been above the industry average for years, VAUDE confirms that sustainability can also be a factor for economic success. In 2015, the company was honored as Germany's Most Sustainable Brand with the German Sustainability Award.

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