Gear Review: Olicamp Kinetic Stove

The camp stove experts at Camping Stove Cookout recently published a review of the Olicamp Kinetic Ultra Titanium Stove, an ultra-lightweight canister style backpacking stove. The stove weighs in at only 1.7oz thanks to its titanium build, and can boil water in 3 1/2 minutes.

The reviewer states "It’s the dimensions and construction that is a huge selling point for most. Being incredibly light and made from titanium, it’s not going to rust and the construction is very strong. This is always a huge plus for me, I need that peace of mind that I can set up camp and not be let down."

He continues "The customer reviews over on Amazon are flawless. There are literally no unhappy owners at this point and that says volumes about this stove. As you will know as well as I do, backpackers are not very forgiving if they get let down by equipment. No worries about that with the Olicamp.
This Kinetic stove is also very affordable, and with it’s unique features and the pots that come with it you’re all set right out of the box. I expect to see a lot more from Olicamp with regard to backpacking tools and equipment in the future."

To learn more about this and other Olicamp products, visit their website 

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