Gear Review: Edelweiss Curve 9.8MM

The folks over at Climbing Zine recently reviewed the Edelweiss Curve 9.8MM rope, a high performance and dependable rope perfect for sport or trad climbing. The Curve comes in three different lengths (50M, 60M, and 70M) and is available with Unicore technology, an ARC bipattern option, and Supereverdry treatment for top level water repellency. This rope is ideal for progressing climbers looking to improve their skills and climb harder.

Reviewer Drew Thayer describes his criteria in looking for a new cragging rope "It doesn’t have to be fancy, or particularly light, just something durable that my partners and I can take a thousand falls on and never worry about it. There are lots of options out there, and the Curve 9.8 mm rope stands out as a good one."

Thayer goes on to say "I don’t know how Edelweiss pulled this off, but they managed to build a durable, 9.8 mm rope with a high fall rating that catches as softly as Beal’s super slinky Opera rope…that’s 8.5 mm thick. If you like soft falls, but are looking for a long-wearing workhorse, cragging with this rope is like cheating: you get both."


  1. This is one of the better rope options to be used outdoors. Durable, dependable, and not really expensive, you can use this on your adventures. If you're looking for other rope options, there are a lot of choices available, like the ones here: http://backpackingmastery.com/gear/types-of-rope-for-the-outdoors.html