Stanley Insulated Bottles - OM's Most Influential Gear

**This is one of many posts featuring items on Outside Magazine's Most Influential Gear list that we distribute from the Liberty Mountain warehouses to outdoor gear shops around the USA.**

A lunch box and a stainless steel thermos. That is what people invision when they think of the traditional working-American-man as he eats lunch. Sitting high above the city on a metal beam, the soot covered worker pours hot soup from his thermos and into his cup.

It's no surprise that Liberty Mountain outfits countless gear shops with the products made from the company that created this stereotypical image. Stanley.

Back in 1913, William Stanley Jr. discovered that a welding process he used for making electrical transformers could also be used to create insulated steal vacuum-bottles. This was a great improvement over the insulated vacuum-bottles made out of glass...obviously shatter proof.

World War II pilots used to carry these new thermos bottles in the B-17s. Other early uses were carrying human organs, bull semen, and on deep sea explorations. Now they are seen everywhere as they keep beverages and foods hot and ready to consume.

Stanley now carries an array of similar minded products of different sizes, designs, and uses making them one of the most versatile bottle companies out there.

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