Liberty Mountain and Beal Soon To Make A Big Announcement

We have some exciting news and we just can't wait to tell you all about it.

Imagine yourself rock climbing. You're seconding up a route that you partner just finished leading while fighting the worst rope drag due to numerous rock ledges and roofs. As you climb, your partner heaves on the rope to take in the slack. The next thing you know your rope looks like a snake trying to shed its skin and you are dangling from what looks like a bundle of white nylon threads.

At some point along the timeline of a climbing rope's life the sheath will get wet, cut, grated, and definitely stretched. This leaves the core of the rope to be exposed or free to make parallel movements inside the sheath.

Many people have been to a climbing gym and seen how the sheath of the ropes are all bunched up at the ends. And some have even seen the result of when the sheath is cut while climbing as illustrated above.

"Sheath slippage" is no joke. It's actually dangerous. And that is why Liberty Mountain and Beal brought a phenomenal game changer to the US market last spring...UNICORE.

UNICORE is the industry leading method of securing the core and sheath of a rope together without changing the rope's performance and durability properties. UNICORE is much like the biological tissue/membrane that keeps the skin attached to the rest of the body.

With a UNICORE rope, climbers won't experience their sheath bunching at the ends and the core will not be overexposed from sheath slippage if the sheath gets cut. That alone will allow any climber to retreat on a rope whose sheath is cut and still be able to pass it through the chains, carabiners, and belay/rappel devices.

In the video below a demonstration is given to show what happens to a weighted rope when the sheath is cut. The first rope does not have UNICORE and the second one does. See the difference.

UNICORE is stretchy, supple, and compatible with Beal's special water and abrasion treatments. This means that the UNICORE technology can be used on both dynamic and static ropes as well as ropes intended for dry and wet condition.

Now you are probably wondering what the big news is that we are so anxious to share, seeing how UNICORE has already been on the market for a hand-full of months. Well, as of now there are only three ropes that are vested with the honorable UNICORE, e.g., Beal's Diablo, Wall Master, and Wall School ropes. So our big news today is that there will be more...we just can't tell you which ropes yet.

At the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August, Liberty Mountain and Beal will reveal the extended collection of ropes that will reign supreme with UNICORE. Keep an eye and ear out for this big announcement and receive it directly by subscribing to our blog and social media pages on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Beal qualifies as the worlds’ premier manufacturer of climbing and security ropes. This leading position is explained by indisputable technical advances in the production process, and sales of over 8 million meters of rope annually.

Liberty Mountain is the exclusive U.S. distributor of these French made ropes, making Beal a leading brand that is seen in many, if not most of the outdoor retail shops around the nation. Liberty Mountain also directly sells Beal products to the general consumer through LibertyMountainClimbing.com.


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