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"HELLO FROM THE SUMMIT OF RAINIER. PERFECT WEATHER AND GEAR. JAKE. 210014 has sent this message on: 10-08-2012 14:00:58 UTC from position: latitude 46.85292°, longitude -121.7604°, altitude 4417m. You are welcomed to check 210014 shared track Google Earth."
At the start of a typical day of work, this was the email that greeted every Liberty Mountain employee at 8:02 am. Jake Hirschi, Climbing Buying Manager at Liberty Mountain, decided to hit up his fellow employees at the office while he was busy "working" on the summit of Washington's Mt Rainier. At 14,411 feet elevation, Jake relied on his Pieps Global Finder to send out this mass-email to his co-workers. Not only did he send a quick little message from the top, but his message also contained a link that allowed the office-dwellers to see his live progression on the mountain using Google Maps and Google Earth.

Minutes later, Jake was on his descent back to the bottom of this massive mountain when he started receiving reply messages from his co-workers.
"Good Job!"
"Be safe."
"Get back to work! :)" 
Instead of packing his GPS, satellite phone, and smart phone, Jake was able to have all those items in one device, the Pieps Global Finder.
"I hope everyone has a better understanding of the Global Finder and its potential in our market. Especially for big mountains or extreme locations where you should have a GPS navigator with you incase of white out conditions, which can happen year round up there. I didn’t have to take a separate GPS, a separate phone (no service up there anyway), I had it all in one device that worked the way I expected it to work."  -Jake Hirschi


The Pieps Global Finder is a personal navigation-location-communication device that provides safety and fun in one single device. Its most highlighted features include the following:

  • Sending and receiving messages in real-time (SMS, E-Mail, text and position messages). Full global coverage, even in polar regions.
  • “LIVE-Tracking”: Satellite-technology for tracking and positioning via web.
  • Special Emergency-button for alerting emergency response teams via satellite. Inclusive search and rescue insurance with worldwide coverage.
  • Optimized GPS-features for outdoor use with comfortable management on PC/Mac (tracking, waypoint navigation, positioning).
  • Permanent weather observation: display of protocol (reduced air pressure) and more services via E-Mail or SMS.
  • Li-Ion technology assures stable power supply also under extreme conditions.

The Global Finder can be used in many different ways, such as:

NAVIGATION- Easy and functional.
  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Waypoints & tracks
  • Go-to function
  • Trackback function

COMMUNICATION- Stay in touch in the most remote places on earth.

  • Send short messages, emails, and social posts
  • Receive short messages and emails
  • Independent from cell networks
  • Global coverage via Iridium Satellite Network

INFORMATION- Conveniently receive weather information while traveling in the mountains.

  • Information services (e.g. weather)
  • Barometer showing current air pressure and trends
  • Path-time-altitude-statistics

LIVE TRACKING- Real time position tracking.

  • Track viewing on online maps and Google Earth's 3D maps
  • Air tracks detached from the ground
  • Height and speed profiles
  • Postings indicated on maps
  • Integration into social networks


  • Global SOS function
  • Initiate rescue operations, coordinated by GEOS
  • Search and rescue benefit

With the Pieps Global Finder, you can take on your most desired adventures while tracking it, reporting it, and with an entire rescue plan at the tips of your fingers.


Recently, during the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, Outside Magazine awarded the Pieps Global Finder with the Gear of the Show Award, calling it a "WUNDERGADGET."


Thankfully, this video exists to better show the application of the Global Finder. Even the most skilled writer can't fully illustrate the intuitiveness of this device. Someone either has to watch it or use it in action to completely grasp the potential that the Pieps Global Finder can bring to any adventure or stunt.


Since 1972 PIEPS has led the development and manufacturing of avalanche beacons. When it comes to manufacturing and developing mountaineering equipment, Pieps know-how as well as 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of avalanche search beacons ensures the quality of their PREMIUM ALPINE PERFORMANCE products.

“In an emergency only one thing counts: unconditional, hands-on reliability!"

Liberty Mountain is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Pieps mountaineering products.

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