Gear Review: Edelweiss Curve ARC

Photo: Gearographer Review

Shannon Sollitt and the gear team at Gearographer recently had the chance to try out one of the most versatile ropes from Edelweiss, the Curve 9.8mm. The Curve is part of the Perform3 family (meaning that is has been engineered with the ideal balance of durability, handling, and performance) and is a great option for climbers of all skill levels. The 9.8mm diameter is light enough that it can be carried with ease on long approaches, but also durable enough to handle 8 UIAA falls and abuse for years to come.

The rope reviewed by Shannon was the ARC model featuring a bi-pattern weave to help easily identify the rope's middle and a bright green color that looks great in photos. She says that the rope is "easy to handle, light to carry, and feels mighty trustworthy to climbing partners on either end of it" and calls it the "perfect single-rope companion for sport and trad climbers of all abilities."

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