Liberty Mountain Supports Sally Jewell's Nomination

As many of you already know, President Obama has nominated Sally Jewell, CEO of REI, to be the next Secretary of the Interior. The U.S. Senate Committee of Energy and Natural Resources will hold a hearing on March 7 to consider her nomination. We encourage you to write a letter to your senator to express your support for Sally Jewell’s nomination.

Liberty Mountain supports the nomination of Sally Jewell as the next Secretary of the Interior.

We feel that Ms. Jewell understands that our nation’s natural resources directly support the economy, local communities, and the people whose lives depend on having access to quality places in the great outdoors. Nearly half of all Americans participate in outdoor activities every year. $646 billion is spent each year on outdoor recreation. This type of spending also supports more than 6.1 million sustainable American jobs.

The Secretary of the Interior leads a department vital to the country’s economic recovery. This role manages the nation’s energy resources, the protection and preservation of America’s natural resources, cultural and tribal communities, and our public lands and waters legacy. A qualified candidate for this position needs to be versed in natural resource issues, success in the business world, and a firm commitment to citizen engagement. We find Ms. Jewell as a fully qualified candidate that meets these requirements.

Ms. Jewell has an accomplished career as a petroleum engineer, a successful banker, and now the chief executive of REI, a 10,000-employee national retail chain in the outdoor recreation industry. This makes her uniquely qualified to lead the Department of the Interior into the future. If treasury secretaries are chosen from the investment world, than it is appropriate that the next Secretary of the Interior be appointed from the outdoor recreation business world.

Liberty Mountain urges you to support Sally Jewell as the next Secretary of the Interior, thereby ensuring that the nation’s public lands remains a crucial component of America’s economic recovery.

To take action, visit the OIA website for helpful tools to write a letter to your senator.

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