Frozen Assets

This trip report comes from Nate Walsh, a Buyer at Liberty Mountain. Photos by Nathan Smith.

It takes a bit of work to locate the exposure and solitude needed for a true alpine experience in the Wasatch Range. Luckily there is no shortage of adventurous climber at Liberty Mountain. On a recent excursion to try out some remote ice routes in the Wasatch, I teamed up with our Marketing Director, Nathan Smith, to tackle the project of climbing the somewhat unreliable alpine ice route, Frozen Assets near Mount Nebo. When fully formed this route offers 10 pitches and 1,000 vertical feet of moderate ice and mountain climbing in an environment far removed from the comforts of home that destination climbing like Ouray, Bozeman or even Maple Canyon can offer. Frozen Assets is one of the many classic ice lines in the Wasatch.


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