Pieps Global Finder

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The Pieps Global Finder is a unique outdoor device for navigation, massage handling and companion rescue – does not require GSM coverage! There are two models to choose from; Light version or Iridium with a satellite modem.

The field of applications reaches from alpine mountaineering, mountain biking to general outdoor activities in the backcountry. Besides basic GPS functionality (positioning, tracking, waypoint navigation) the PIEPS Global Finder broadcasts its own actual position over the cost-free 800 MHz-ISM radio band. This broadcasted information can be received by other PIEPS Global Finder devices and can be used directly in waypoint navigation. With the special “Emergency” function, this signal will be sent by multiplied power and can be received over large distances. Additionally, the PIEPS Global Finder IRIDIUM has an integrated satellite modem, which will grant a secured two-way transmission of the emergency signal via a low orbit satellite network - from everywhere on earth!

More info here: http://everythingfortheoutdoors.blogspot.com/2012/08/pieps-global-finder.html

GPS: Ultra low power GPS, -160dBm SuperSense®, Helix antenna,
magnetic compass, barometer, waypoints, track recording and trackback
RADIO: Transmission and reception of position-data and emergency
calls using the ISM-band (range up to 6 miles) or the satellite network.
MESSENGER: Transmission and reception of position, ID data, text and
emergency messages using free ISM-band as well as subscription
based use of satellite network.

• Weight: ~ 200 grams
• L x W x H: 5.9” x 1.8” x 1.1”
• Digital Radio: 868MHz IMS-Band, 250mW
• Sensors: Magnetic 3-axis compass, Barometer, 3D Accelerator
• Optional Sat Modem: Iridium
• Power Supply: Li-Ion, 200 hours
• Connectivity: USB

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