Trangia Backpacking Cooking Stove

Cooking is possible in all weather conditions - even in high winds and severe cold - with a Trangia® cook system. Trangia stoves are practically storm proof. These alcohol-burning stoves are great for backpacking and camping.

The Trangia stove is a simple system that combines two windshields with a maintenance free burner, a couple of pots, frypan/lid and even a kettle if you wish. Turn the ventilation holes in the lower windshield into the wind to increase the oxygen supply or turn them away to maintain the flame if the wind grows too strong. The stove sits stable, with the pan on the supports recessed into the upper windshield. Or turn the supports upwards to use the frypan. And it all packs neatly together for transport.

The Trangia stove is available in different materials and sizes, with many combination options, features and accessories.

Being an alcohol stove, backpackers and campers will benefit from the many perks of cooking with alcohol. The following are main benefits for using an alcohol-burning stove:
  • Quiet - You can hear the birds while you cook instead of the roar and sputter of your stove
  • Simple - No pumping or priming, just add fuel and light
  • Odorless - The fuel doesn't smell while burning and quickly evaporates when spilled
  • Environmentally Friendly - Alcohol is made of clean, renewable plant-based sources
  • Fuel Availability - Fuel is easy to find at gas stations, hardware, auto parts, and outdoor stores.
The video below will give a thorough, yet simple, demonstration on how the basic Trangia cook system works.

Trangia stoves are distributed though Liberty Mountain and can be ordered at www.libertymountain.com.

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