Hiking to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon

The following story is from Grant Brimhall, Director of Operations & IT at Liberty Mountain.

The colors of fall are surrounding us and the Utah canyons are in a beautiful state. For this reason, I took my son up to Stewart Falls near Sundance. It was a perfect hike for a young boy. The distance wasn't too far, the trail isn't steep, and the destination is a gigantic 200 foot waterfall that left both of us in awe.

I couldn't help myself when I got to the base of the falls, I just had to walk underneath it. With my Red Ledge rain suit, I stayed perfectly dry. It made the experience even more fun. Everything was perfect until I hit a slippery rock and bruised my shin. Other than that, I kept from getting wet and had a great time.

The colors were amazing. Probably one more good weekend available before things turn brown for the winter.


The hike to Stewart Falls, a massive 200 foot three-tiered waterfall, is a comfortable 1.74 miles with only a 327 foot elevation gain.The water falls and the hike are located in the North Fork of Provo Canyon in Utah, near Sundance Ski Resort. For more information of this location and hike, click here.

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