Tackling Seven Summits in the Alps by Foot and Bike

Last month, Wolfgang Fasching of Austria tackled an adventure that leaves many in awe. He summited seven peaks in the Alps in 10 days, traveling from one peak to the other by bicycle. 
  • Mont Blanc (4,810 m, France)
  • Gran Paradiso (4,061 m, Italy)
  • DufourPeakin the Monte Rosa massif (4,634 m, Switzerland)
  • Grauspitse (2,599 m, Liechtenstein)
  • Zugspitze (2,962 m, Germany)
  • Grossglockner (3,798 m, Austria)
  • Triglav (2,864 m, Slovenia)

Each peak sat in its own country and Wolfgang ended up biking a total of 683.5 miles and climbing a total of 52,493.4 feet. With the help of the Pieps GlobalFinder, Wolfgang was able to track his journey and communicate to his team the whole time via satellites. In real-time his team was able to see his every move on Google Earth. After the fact, we can no see his entire route, the messages he sent from the bases and summits of each peak, and where he started and stopped each day.

Read the official trip report here.
Explore his map on Google Earth here.

The Pieps GlobalFinder is really making it easy for people to share their adventures with their loved ones and to the general public, while at the same time providing tools to navigate, communicate, and request emergency assistance.

Learn more about he Pieps GlobalFinder here.
Watch a video explaining all the GlobalFinder features here.

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