Backpacking Lake Blanche

The following is a story from Jennifer Rogerson. She works in the Accounting Department at the Liberty Mountain headquarters in Utah.

Conveniently nestled in the center Utah’s Twin Peaks Wilderness Area sits a placid body of water called Lake Blanche.  The iconic beauty of this lake isn’t complete without Sundial Peak sitting on the southeast shore.

Just recently, my husband and I decided to have a fun weekend with two other couples by backpacking into Lake Blanche for one night. Our intent wasn’t to just hike in, sleep, and then hike out. We had a full agenda of fishing and bouldering on top of all the hiking, eating, and sleeping.

Luckily the hike into the lake is only 3 miles, leaving us plenty of time to play in the land-of-utopia. It wasn’t long into the hike that I noticed an OCD of mine…I had to be in the front of the pack. Enough said. I tried hiking in the middle and even at the back, but I’d get so antsy with an urge to start jogging up the trail…backpack and all.

Our equipment treated us well. It is almost funny to see how much Vaude gear my husband and I own. We have really fallen in love with the products they make and it easily explains why my Vaude Cimone backpack carried my Snow Cloud sleeping bag and Norrsken pad while my husband’s Vaude Terkum backpack carried our Hogan Ultralight tent and his Norrsken pad. Thanks to Vaude, we stayed dry, sheltered, and warm and our backs felt great after all the hiking.

You want to know somthing? Jerky is magic. There is something about chucks of dehydrated meat, seasoned to perfection, that give my taste buds their satisfaction while providing my body with what it needs. I can barely remember what we had for dinner and breakfast. All I know is that I ate enough jerky on this little trip to make me want more. It fueled me through all the activities that we did on this two-day-one-night adventure.

We spent most of our time fishing and exploring. There is something therapeutic about sitting on a rock, surrounded by such beautiful fauna, and casting a pole. Even if we didn’t catch any fish, I never got bored. My heart was content and I was in my happy place. Even though we were on a backpacking trip, we couldn’t help but to scramble all over the strewn boulders in the area. Luckily we packed our climbing shoes because a quick bouldering session took place and it left us fulfilled.

The trip was blast and we ended up having a lot of fun. I am truly spoiled to have places like this so close to where I live and work.

My tent is my vacation home and it takes me to places that some people can only dream of.


The following links can set you in the right direction for a fun hike up to Lake Blanche:


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