A Backpacker's Checklist

Step after step the trail becomes shorter and the ridge moves in closer. A distant raven quickly distracts from tired legs and heavy breathing, as the trail gets steeper. Nearing the top while peering down the other side, a crystal blue alpine lake beckons. Tiredness and fatigue vanish. Everything stops. Euphoria.

Hiking and backpacking rejuvenates the body and spirit. Captivated by the scenery and liberated by the solitude, the soul is energized on the trail. Being outside and communing with nature are the roots of human existence and it is then that the purpose of life is discovered.

Explore your life and head for the hills.

Consider your backpack an “outdoor-insurance-policy.” Packed with the proper gear, it will provide support in case of an emergency. It is important to us that everyone carries the proper gear to ensure the euphoric experience we so often seek.

backpacker checklist

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