Tales from ISPO

Here is installment 1 of Tales From ISPO by our buyer Mark Drennan.

"I thought I would give you an update so far.  It has been 29 hours since I
 slept if you don't count 1-2 hours of crappy sleep on the plane.  It was
 uneventful to Atlanta.  I boarded the Munich flight after most everyone had
 boarded.  I found my isle seat and, what luck, the window seat next to mine
 was empty.  I took my seat and kept anxiously watching the isle.  Nobody was
 coming.  Uh oh, now a fat guy was moving down the isle.  Lucky, he passed on 
by.  Looks like I get the whole row after all.  And then the Chippendales 
International Tour boarded.  You guessed it, one of them sat right next to
 me.  Fortunately the steroid king sat somewhere else.  I was lucky enough to
 have a smaller Asian guy sit by me.  But, I kid you not, he took his shirt
 off as the plane was leaving the gate.  Good thing I brought some ones.
"Here take this and put that back on."

We've had some good meetings and seen a few interesting items.  I saw a ball
cap with 800 grams of copper sewn into it.  Yep, a really heavy hat.  It is
 supposed to build core strength.  I tried one on, 28 hours with virtually no
 sleep, add 2 lbs of copper, and my head nearly flopped right off.  Well, I
 did feel pretty good when I took it off.  I think I want one." 

Stay tuned for more gripping tales from the ISPO show.

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