Employee Spotlight: Leslie Borzea

I was born and raised here in Salt Lake, Cottonwood Heights, to be exact. I am the youngest of five kids (two brothers and two sisters). I met and married my soulmate, Ryan, five years ago. I have five kids, ranging in age from seven to nineteen years old. Yes, I changed diapers for 15 straight years…gah! My love for the outdoors began when I was a young lady, fishing nearly every weekend with my Dad, mostly at Flaming Gorge. Those were by far the best memories of my childhood. I earned my basic and advanced EMT certification a few years ago and got to experience a couple of ride-alongs with the fire department and, ya know, safe a few lives.  I absolutely love every aspect of the outdoors and the feeling of peace and purpose whenever I am there. I’ve loved working here at LM and getting to know like-minded people!

Name: Leslie Borzea

Number of years working for Liberty Mountain: Just over one year

Job title: Buyer’s Assistant

Short description of what you do at Liberty Mountain: I basically keep all of the buyers in line…just kidding! I confirm orders, backorders and such.

Active in the following sports/activities/hobbies: Hiking (specifically peak bagging), backpacking, camping, mountain biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, photographing, kid-raising and cooking with a pinch of crafting.

Favorite activity: Laughing!

Favorite outdoor areas: Take me to the mountains…any of them!

Most interesting place ever lived: Utah! I. Will. NEVER. Leave.

Least interesting place ever lived: The only other place I’ve ever “lived” is Bellingham, WA, which was cool…but definitely not even close to the cool we have here in Utah.

Top-five favorite movies: Burn After Reading, Alive, A Bronx Tale, Tarzan & Inside Out

Top-five favorite books: The Four Agreements, The Power of Now, The Lorax, I’ll read the other two as soon as my kids are all in college and I have time to read again. 

Top- five six favorite bands: Kacey Musgraves, Blind Pilot, Ray Lamontagne, Alabama Shakes, Don Williams & Mumford and Sons

Inspirational Hero:  Dr. Seuss and Bob Marley

Inspirational quote: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, that is youer than you!” –Dr. Seuss  “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” – Bob Marley

Dream vacation: Switzerland

Cake or pie: Cake, pie…I’ll take a few of each!

Dogs or Cats: Being that I have one of each, I’d be such a jerk if I picked one over the other.


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  1. Great Leslie! Gave me some books, movies, and musicians to look into. You're sure the real deal, with more than just "desk experience" in the "outdoors" market.

  2. Good Job Leslie! I'll keep living vicariously through you. I'll let you do the hiking for both of us, especially in the snow. ;)