Gear Review: Cypher Shoes

Our friends up north at Ontario Climbing recently published a review praising two models of Cypher shoes, the Codex and Sentinel. The reviewer tried the shoes during a few days at the crag and the shoe's performance not only impressed him, but his climbing partners as well. 

The performance of the Codex was described this way: "I felt like I was cheating. Miniscule footholds felt like ledges. It was effortless to stand on holds I would normally skate off without intense focus." 

The Sentinels like this: "Anyone who knows me would agree the Sentinels are more my style. I’m obsessed with climbing shoe comfort. While these were sized about a half-size small for me, they were still infinitely comfortable."

Read the full review here


  1. These are amazing climbing shoes if you ask me. They both have a remarkable grip, but I will certainly go with the ones with shoelaces. These ones will hold comfortably on my feet whenever I tighten or loosen the laces. Check out more options here: http://survival-mastery.com/reviews/rock-climbing-shoes.html

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