Grivel Awarded 2016 Compasso d'Oro

Climbing equipment manufacturer Grivel Mont Blanc was recently awarded the 2016 Compass d'Oro for innovative and quality industrial design. The honor is only given out once every three years, and is known as one of the most prestigious international design awards. 

Grivel received the award for its innovative twin gate carabiner. The twin gate series of carabiners takes climbing safety to a whole new level, making it almost impossible for the carabiner to accidentally come unclipped. 

Upon receiving the award, Gioachino Gobbi, the inventor and designer of the Twin Gate said In 2018 Grivel will be 200 years old, therefore I’m very proud to receive this prize which is not only a clear recognition of the great engagement of the entire company today but an homage to the previous generations who, while working in much harder and discomfortable situations have been able to invent those pieces of equipment that allowed numerous “giants” such as Valter Bonatti…Riccardo Cassin…Toni Gobbi…to reach and conquer the highest summits of the world

To learn more about Grivel Twin Gate Carabiners, check out the video below or visit this blog post on the Liberty Mountain climbing blog.

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