Paul Larkin - Dealer/Customer Service Manager

Meet Paul Larkin, Liberty Mountain's Dealer/Customer Service Manager.

Name: Paul Larkin

Time At Liberty Mountain: Six and a half years.

Job Title: Dealer/Customer Service Manager

Job Description: Responsible for leading the In-House Sales Team, delivering first class service to our customers, and help develop and provide the tools necessary for the sales team to reach company goals.

Active Sports/Activities/Hobbies: Hiking, adventure traveling, lacrosse officiating, parenting (definitely a sport according to the amount of steps recorded on my activity tracking watch.)

Favorite Activity: Parenting and adventure traveling

Favorite Outdoor Areas: Family Cabin in Liberty, Utah; Snow Canyon State Park (southern Utah); Cirque of the Towers in Wind River Range, Wyoming;  Jackson Hole/Tetons; the entire South Island of New Zealand

Most Interesting Place Ever Lived: Denali National Park, Alaska

Least Interesting Place Ever Lived: Greeley, Pennsylvania (only because I was working a ton and not able to explore the area more)

Top-Five Favorite Movies: Into the Wild, Anchor Man, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Emperor’s New Groove, Sneakers

Top-five Favorite Books: The Beach, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Into Thin Air, Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, Just Me and My Dad

Top-Five Favorite Bands: Eddie Vedder, Brett Dennen, Nine Inch Nails, Tom Petty, Mason Jennings

Inspirational Hero: Shackleton

Inspirational Quote: “Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.” Ernest Shackleton

Dream Vacation: Antarctica (My last continent to visit.)

Cake or Pie: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie please.

I love adventure traveling. In my last email home during my around-the-world trip I wrote “Go out and do it!” That still rings true as my advice for those that are thinking of traveling.

Below are a few select images from my international travels.

Six down, one to go. The last continent I have yet to visit is Antarctica. There are still a ton of countries to explore on the map too, the ones in grey I have yet to touch down in. Looking at the map makes me feel less like the worldly traveler I once thought I was.

Sitting on a tour bus in Peru, I wasn’t really paying attention when our tour guide asked for a volunteer. I immediately threw up my hand as an instinctual reaction. The people I was traveling with said I volunteered to sing a song from my home country. Yankee Doodle was the song I chose. Midway through the song I realized I didn’t really know all the words, so I did my best to sing using hand/body motions (think, feather in his cap) and represent my country well for the remainder of the song.

What do you think Inca Kola tastes like? I wasn’t sure either, but it tastes like bubble gum and I sure did like it!

Headed up Mount Putucusi which is just on the opposite side of the valley from Machu Picchu in Peru. We couldn’t see the top of the ladder when we started climbing up.

Headed back down the same wooden ladder in a torrential rain storm. It was a little slippery and sketchy.

The main plaza in Cusco, Peru for Christmas Eve is quite the celebration. I liked how people were selling plants and shrubs for people to decorate their nativity scenes at home.

I learned the term “Fiji Time.” Definition: very laid back, time does not really matter, it is their lifestyle. "I am too lazy to learn how to play cards" and "It is too hot to do anything today" are direct quotes from some local Fijians.

I read a 512 page book in one day in Fiji, a very relaxing place.

Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. The gal in the middle, we met in Cusco, Peru and we were able to link up with her on her home turf.

A great time at a professional rugby match in Sydney, Australia. There truly were giants playing on the field.

Surrounded by glaciers in Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand.

New Zealand is home of the 2 liter ice cream challenge. Not to be outdone, I added peanuts and a banana. I failed more times than I tasted success.

The most southern town of New Zealand called Bluff. I really enjoyed my time on New Zealand’s south island.

My sister and I with Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings in the background on Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand.

Fortunately, the roots held. Near Manapouri, New Zealand.

New Zealand sheep show.

Caving in Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.

At one of the many of temples in Bangkok, Thailand.

A relaxing ride on an elephant in Thailand.

I met a fun group of University students out for a camping trip in Thailand. They would have me get in front of the whole group of about 100 or so people and they would laugh at me. I felt a little uneasy at first but when I found out they were using laughter to alleviate the uncomfortable situation my hesitation slipped away!

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

A temple in Katmandu, Nepal.

Sitting in on a street snake charming session with a viper on my head and some other snake around my neck. At the end of this event I ended up with three vipers, one on my head and one on either knee. Yes, I was afraid the whole time but managed to smile for the camera.

The England countryside with my friend who is from the area. I met him when working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania and was excited to meet up with him at his home country.

My favorite payphone of the world! Ilhabela Island, Brazil.

I tried to look like Tarzan swinging from a vine. I haven’t heard from my agent, so I don’t believe I got the part. Ilhabela Island, Brazil.

So many banana trees in Brazil! The bananas were so fresh and tasty too!

Waterfall in Ilhabela Island, Brazil.

Climbing coconut trees in Inhambane, Mozambique.

On safari at a game Reserve in Swaziland.

A large spider near Maxixe, Mozambique. I was staying with my friend who was a Peace Corps volunteer teaching at a local village. He had an extra room at his reed hut so I went over to Africa for a three and a half month visit.

On the way up Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

I wore my Chaco flips up to 15,000 feet on the way up Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. My buddy had on his Z2 Chacos.

Trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Summit! Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I’m the one in the middle with the ear flaps sticking out.

Spent Christmas day at an orphanage in Moshi,Tanzania.

Practice makes perfect, near Lushoto, Tanzania.

I traded my Kelty tent for a bunch of artwork from a local in Lushoto, Tanzania. It is all rolled up and ready to ship home.

Crossing a suspension bridge in Monteverde, Costa Rica. My wife and I also went on a 1,000 meter zip line on this tour.

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  1. Those are great memories. You've had a lot of adventures, for sure.