Justin Fisher - Internet Sales Rep

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Meet Justin Fisher, a Liberty Mountain sales rep.

I was born in the city of Pocatello, Idaho on a rainy January day in 1990. Though I do not remember much about the event itself, I am told that I was less than pleased about being shoved out into the cold world. My twin brother was similarly dissatisfied, but not as vocal as I was concerning the matter.

Much of my growing-up years were filled with all sorts of imagined adventures in far-off lands.  I was incredibly brave, of course, as I battled monsters and men with my trusty sword. As I grew older, these adventures turned into a burning curiosity about other cultures and the people who live in exotic places.

Photo: Justin Fisher Collection
I rounded out my passion for learning with an early love of the sciences, especially the strange nature of particle physics, which is what I ended up studying for the first half of my college career.  However, after three years of math and physics, I was burned out. I found that I needed people and adventure, not endless study in cramped lab spaces.

It was during this time that I took a rock climbing class at my university to fill out my credits.  While I had loved climbing as a Boy Scout, there were no good places to climb near my home—little did I know that the Idaho’s hardest climbs were only an hour’s drive away.

My passion for adventure and my old love for climbing exploded and I quickly gobbled up everything I could about climbing, gear, and safety.  I joined my university’s Outdoor Recreation program and started learning and leading trips for students.  I chomped at the bit, always anxious to go to new areas and learn new skills. In 2014 I got a job at a local gear shop as a climbing expert.

Photo: Justin Fisher Collection
I even changed my major, working with my advisor to create a new program that combined both my love for Physics and my people skills with Business Administration. I then added in a capstone project where I spent two weeks climbing in Northern Washington and the Bugaboos.  Shortly after, I graduated, and landed a dream job here at Liberty Mountain, where I get to geek out over gear and get other people excited about the outdoors as well!

While I have learned a great deal about all aspects of the outdoors, especially technical pursuits, I still sometimes feel like a beginner.  I hope I never lose that entirely, or I fear that my ego will grow larger than my common sense!

Justin Fisher

Years working for Liberty Mountain:
Less than a year

Job Title:
Internet Sales Rep

Job Description:
I handle everything to do with most Internet dealers, whether they are internet-only or have brick-and-mortar stores as well.

Active Sports/Activities/Hobbies:
Rock/ice/alpine climbing, canyoneering, gourmet cooking, reading

Favorite Activity:
Probably long, moderate alpine rock routes.  Fun climbing, beautiful areas, and spectacular views

Favorite Outdoor Areas:
It’s a tie between Bugaboo Provincial Park, Canada, and Indian Creek, Utah.

Most Interesting Place Ever Lived:
Shared international house in Jackson, Wyoming

Least Interesting Place Ever Lived:
Middle of nowhere, Moreland, Idaho

Top-Five Favorite Movies:
Hot Rod, Good Will Hunting, The Prestige, We Were Soldiers, Star Wars

Top-five favorite books:
The Martian, Wise Man’s Fear, Mistborn, I, Robot, The Way of Kings

Top-five favorite bands:
Brick + Mortar, Fall Out Boy, Nothing But Thieves, Twenty One Pilots, Kid Cudi

Inspirational Hero:
Cedar Wright

Inspirational quote:
“Bones mend. Regret stays with you forever.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Dream Vacation:
Either climbing big objectives in the Cirque of the Unclimbables, the Karakorum, or Baffin Island; or relaxing and cragging with great friends

Cake or Pie:
Pie, every time.  Preferably pecan pie.

Photos: Justin Fisher Collection


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