2016 Climbing Harnesses: Beal, Edelweiss, Grivel

Weigh My Rack gives us a sneak peek at the new 2016 climbing harnesses, including ones from Beal, Edelweiss, and Grivel:

Beal Phantom: A comfortable sport climbing harness with a wide and thin hip-belt to support the back. The Beal Phantom is a lightweight and sleek yet maintains the comfort of much heavier harnesses. More info coming soon.

Beal Amazon (women's), Addict (men's), and Rooki (child's): Beal's non-laminated version of their low-profile climbing harnesses. Low bulk, supportive, lightweight, and fully adjustable. More info coming soon.

Edelweiss Dart: The Dart is a non-laminated version of Edelweiss's low-profile harnesses like the Scorpion. The Edelweiss Dart is light, incredibly compact, and eliminates hot spots often experienced in harnesses that utilize narrow structural webbing. More info coming soon.

Grivel Shield: The Grivel Shield is a climbing harness accessory that attaches to the back of the hip-belt to provide extra support and energy absorption. The Shield is designed to protect your back while hanging in your harness all day or when taking aggressive whippers on your project. More info coming soon.


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