Movement Conquest - Winter 2015/16 Touring Ski

The Movement Conquest is the perfect free-touring ski for powder days. The Conquest is 106mm underfoot and has a 350mm tip rocker with a smaller tail rocker that makes it outstanding in the fresh, soft, fluffy stuff.

The Conquest also remains versatile in other conditions and all types of terrain. Made with the Ultra Light Karuba wood core and 3D light cap ABS (CTS Light) under foot, this robust and light ski is the clear choice for those who like to earn their descents in the backcountry.



CTS Light Construction: The Control Torsion System Light is Movement’s new 3D light cap ABS sidewall. It’s unique in the way that the ABS runs through to the wood core of the ski and works also as a form of reinforcement. This system also offers a weight gain over the classic CTS construction, which is why it is integrated in to the Free Touring and Freeride ranges.

MLT (Multiiaxial Light Technology) Fiber: Movement has developed a new material from a combination of classic woven fibers with complex tri-axial carbon fibers. This new material is used throughout the touring range (MLT by Movement Skis), with the aim of improving the durability of the skis at the same time as minimizing weight.

VA-Tech: The VA-Tech vibration absorber is a natural rubber plate placed towards the tip of the ski in order to absorb vibrations.

P-TEX 5000: The P-TECH 5000 base is the “motor” that drives this ski. For this reason, Movement only uses top-of-the-range synthetic bases with very high molecular density. This type of base is highly resistant to abrasion and impacts while remaining serviceable. The P-TEX 5000 is factory-prepared with a lightly structured finish and hot wax to make the ski ready to use straight off the shelf. The finishing itself is done with the latest Montana and Wintersteiger machines.

BSA (Beech Shock Absorber): The BSA is a band of wood positioned horizontally in the center part of the ski under the wood core to absorb shocks.

DPR (Double Plate Reinforcement): Movement has developed a system using two pretreated fiberglass plates of differing size on top of each other inserted into the binding zone to improve the flex of the skis, but also to improve the hold of the binding itself.


Light Rocker 12: The Light Rocker tip has a grading of 12 that gives great absorption on uneven terrain and variable snow conditions. Entry in to the turn is super easy and progressive with these tips. The camber of the center section of the ski and the shape of the tail guarantee stability and edge grip.


Top Sheet: Movement skis are built with top sheets that meet the industry standard (ICP 8210) that guarantees the best quality out there. The upper layer of the top-sheet is a highly resistant polyamide, which is made up of two thermally bonded layers. The top sheet then has an anti-UV treatment and anti-stick coating (to repel snow - particularly important in the touring range).

Rubber Structure: All of the vulnerable areas of the ski (edges, tip and tail) are reinforced with a waterproof rubber layer that protects from shocks and seals the ski. These layers also serve to absorb vibrations and stop the infiltration of water into the ski’s core, which can cause delamination and eventually the destruction of the ski.

ABS: The ABS sections (a synthetic material with fiberglass particles) act as shock absorbers when skiing on hard snow or ice.


More about Movement: Movement sees the mountain as one big playground - ski touring opens up new terrain and skiing areas that simply aren’t accessible from the lifts, which is why this area of the market is growing fast. Movement has focused on reducing the weight of the skis by developing different wood core combinations and fiber constructions, while maintaining the goal of creating a high-performance ski that is also durable and fun to ride. They also brought in new shapes and Rocker outlines to this range to make them even more exciting during the descent.

Liberty Mountain is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Movement backcountry skis. Please contact the Liberty Mountain Sales Team to become a Movement dealer.


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