ISC Safety Gear Available Through Liberty Mountain

This August, ISC hardware will be available through Liberty Mountain.

ISC is a world-renowned company which specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative hardware for the work-at-height industry--particularly rope access and industrial fall protection.

Liberty Mountain's regular stock of ISC products will include select items from the following product lines:
  • Descenders
  • Escape kits
  • Back up devices
  • Hand ascenders
  • Rescue tripods
  • Fall arrest blocks
  • Rope grabs
  • Select pulleys
  • Select carabiners
(Aside from the current selection of ISC products, special order and OEM items will also be available.)

Highlighted Products: Out of their vast product line, the D4 Descender and RED Back-Up devices are the two pieces of safety gear that you'll definitely want in your Working At-Height Kit.

D4 Work/Rescue Descender: The new D4 Work/Rescue Descender features a unique and innovative cam action, which offers precise control at slow or fast speeds. The progressive camming works by way of one cam operating inside another cam.

The D4 has a 240 kg (500 lbs) working load limit which means it is suitable for two-man rescue, without the need for the creation of extra friction.

The handle mechanism is designed to rotate through 360º, making its use easier and simpler. The handle itself is made from aluminum rather than plastic and is coated in a specialty paint that provides extra grip. Cleverly, the handle rotation is accompanied by audible clicks which help the user identify the correct position of the handle.

RED Back-Up Device: The RED Back-Up Device is a simple, yet highly effective back-up device that uses non-aggressive cams with a positively locking spring, making it a self-parking device (rather than self-tailing, like many rope grabs).  This self-parking function is important for rope access work techniques as they stipulate that the back-up device should be positioned so as to reduce fall factors to a minimum.

The RED makes use of 'Rotational Braking'- the more the device rotates clockwise, the greater the build up of friction, which provides the automatic braking in the event of a fall or sudden pull on the Cows-tail.

To increase the effectiveness of the rotational brake in a panic situation (for example, a main-line failure), the RED can be fitted with a 'popper' tow cord release clip.

When utilizing the D4 Descender and RED Back-Up together, you have a reliable and redundant system that will keep you safe and secure on the ropes.

Contact the Liberty Mountain Sales Team today to outfit yourself and your crew with ISC safety gear.


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