10 Ways To Celebrate Bike Month

May is National Bike Month and we are excited to see more people hitting the roads and trails on their two-wheelers. In a society where it is more convenient to drive, it’s important for us to remember the joys and benefits of riding a bike for both commuting and recreation. During the month of May, we encourage you to mix up your daily routine by jumping on your bike more often than usual.

Liberty Mountain employee, Aaron Smock cruising the trail in the Salt Lake City area.

Use this list of 10 Ways to Celebrate Bike Month to help you get off the couch and out of the car this month:

  1. Pledge to ride a specific amount of miles.
  2. Take your bikes out of hibernation and tune them up.
  3. Bike to work at least once each week.
  4. Bike a trail at least once each week.
  5. Bike a new road at least once each week.
  6. Join a bike club.
  7. Participate in a biking event.
  8. Ride your bike more than you drive your car.
  9. Go for a bike-ride during your lunch breaks.
  10. Familiarize yourself with your state’s bike laws.

Who knows…maybe all the biking you do this month will generate some new habits and a better lifestyle for yourself. Have fun and be safe. Don’t forget to wear your helmet.

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