Smallest and Lightest Backpacking Stove - Olicamp Ion

With spring just around the corner, I keep stalking the newsstands for the latest Spring Gear Guides from magazines like Backpacker Magazine and Men’s Journal. Amongst all the great gear coming out for 2014, the Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium stove is making headlines for being the smallest, lightest, and most compact canister stove on the market.

Men’s Journal included the Olicamp Ion in their list of The Best New Spring Gear of 2014.

Backpacker Magazine gave a great review about the Ion, saying:
“Our New Mexico tester boiled water in temps down to 25º F, and was able to simmer soup and vegetables on low heat with no burning or sticking, even in a titanium pot.”

On my recent trip to Canyonlands National Park, I was able to test the Olicamp Ion for myself while I spent the day on the White Rim. I quickly fell in love with the stove’s ability to burn at any level I needed. I was able to bump it to full power for boiling water while also choosing the ideal setting for perfectly cooking some eggs over-easy. I can’t even do that with my big two-burner camp stove.

I love how such a small stove carries with itself a huge reputation. Everyone is talking about how the Ion is the smallest, lightest, and most compact canister/butane stove. How is that so? In pack-mode, the Ion is 2” by 1.25”, making it the smallest. It weighs 1.25 ounces (45 gram), making it the lightest. The Ion’s ability to fit in the palm of your hand in pack-mode and double in size in cook-mode makes it the most compact.

I easily packed the stove inside a pot with the gas canister; though I found it easier to just throw the stove in my pocket with the lighter. I really like how the Ion and a 4oz gas canister can fit nicely inside a Space-Saver Mug, making the ideal single person cook-system for fast and light pursuits.

Overall, I was amazed at how this stove performed. For being so small and light, I thought that it would have a few drawbacks, but it didn’t. Awesome flame control. Small enough to pack inside anything. Quick and easy to use.

The Ion and many other Olicamp products are available on Olicamp.com.

Olicamp is one of many brands exclusively distributed by Liberty Mountain. Visit LibertyMountain.com or contact the Liberty Mountain Sales Team to become an Olicamp dealer today.

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