An Ice Climber’s Christmas Wishlist

Are you tasked with the mind-boggling duty of finding Christmas presents for an Ice Climber? Have no fear. We’ve got you covered.

We asked Sarah McConkie, a Liberty Mountain Sales Rep and an ice climber, to spill the beans and tell us what she and all the other ice-geeks are hoping they find under the Christmas tree.

Grivel 360 Ice Screws – Give them the gift that keeps on giving…protection. That special someone will love you forever after you hand them their very own bouquet of screws.

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Olicamp Stainless Steel Flask – Keep your belay partner warm. They say that a swig will raise your body temperature. Get them a 5, 8, or 9 oz flask…and don’t forget the funnel.

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Singing Rock Midi Harness – End the madness by throwing their tattered old harness in the trash and surprise them with one that isn’t missing any stitches and will fit them properly, no matter what they are wearing.

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Valandre Olan Down Bootie – The last thing you want is a friend that is missing some toes. Keep their toes warm by getting them a pair of booties that they can wear at the bivy.

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Grivel Crampons – Got someone that is climbing technical ice in an old pair of pons? Open their eyes by getting them a pair of the G20 or G22. Or is your buddy slipping all over the glacier? Lift them up with a stable pair of the G12.

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Don’t forget the stocking stuffers:

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