A Rock Climber’s Christmas Wish List

Are you thinking to yourself, “What on earth does a rock climber want for Christmas?” No worries. We’ve got the answer.

We asked Zac Robinson, a Liberty Mountain Sales Rep and an avid rock climber, to shed some light on what he and all the other climbers are hoping to find under the Christmas tree.

Edelweiss Curve Climbing Rope – A new year is about to begin and a climber needs to get themself a new rope for the upcoming season.

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Eddy Belay Device – They might be a great belayer but they can always use an auto-locking belay device.

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Cypher Firefly Screwlock Biner – A Climber can never have enough locker biners.

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Grivel Salamander Helmet – Get them a helmet. Shows that you care and want to keep them around for another year.

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Cypher Logic - One thing every climber needs is a good approach shoe to get them quickly and comfortably to the crag while also helping them look stylish around town.

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Don’t forget about the stocking stuffers:

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