A Day in the Office/Mountains

Liberty Mountain’s Marketing Director, Nathan Smith illustrates what it’s like to work a day in "the office” when employed in the outdoor industry. Photos by Liberty Mountain's Photo Editor, Aaron Schwendiman. Click on the photos to view them larger in the Lightbox Photo Gallery.

It's catalog season here at Liberty Mountain and we have deadlines looming over us for lots of projects. One of those projects has been the recent addition of Outdoor Designs to our collection of in-house brands.

With our recent acquisition of Outdoor Designs and the November deadline for good winter images, we had to scramble to get some shots and quickly. Luckily the 2013 winter has already begun in Utah and we knew of just the spot to go to get some ice climbing photos for the workbook.

The only hitch is that it would be a four-mile hike up Mt. Timpanogos to reach the ice. Meeting at 5:00am at Liberty's Salt Lake headquarters was a small group, two climbers and our newest in-house photographer and photo editor, Aaron.

We drove the 45 min to the Aspen Grove trailhead in sleepy darkness, psyched to be going out on work time but still somewhat wishing we were still in bed. After gearing up at the trailhead, we set off on the trail by headlamp. The cold concentrated into a small circle of blue light in front of us.

Gradually the sky lightened, replacing our lamps as we passed the 1st and 2nd waterfalls and numerous switchbacks. Finally the sun's early morning rays broke through, painting the hillside orange in beautiful light.

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