Hiking Ricketts Glen - 21 Waterfalls

Located in the beautiful rolling hills and lush forests of Pennsylvania sits Ricketts Glen State Park. To enjoy this natural beauty located merely an hour from the Montoursville office and warehouse, Liberty Mountain's Pennsylvania team spent several hours enjoying the great outdoors.

Our employees and their families and friends converged at "Pavilion #1" for our picnic. Peter Swift, Warehouse Manager, was busy cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on the charcoal grill. Corn on the cob was being cooked on a turkey fryer and side dishes, drinks, rolls, chips, etc. were all brought by each person who came.

As people talked and kids laughed, we got to relax and talk about things other than work. After the job of eating delicious food was over, people got to hike some of the 26 miles of beautiful trails to see some of the most beautiful scenery around. One of the most hiked trails at Ricketts Glen is the Falls Trail.

"The full loop of this trail is 7.2 miles if hiking both the upper and lower sections. To see most of the waterfalls, a 3.2-mile loop can be taken by going on Highland Trail and the Glen Leigh and Ganoga Glen sides of the trail. The trails follow along 21 beautiful waterfalls ranging in heights from 11 feet to 94 feet. " –Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Ozone Falls tumbles between rocks and trees at Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvania State Parks

For more information about Ricketts Glen, visit the Pennsylvania DCNR website.

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