Olicamp XTS Pot Reduces Boil Time & Gas Consumption

ProLite Gear decided to do a thorough test with the Olicamp XTS Pot to determine its boiling time and gas consumption. Their conclusion was that the Xcelerator Transfer System made water boil quicker while using a lot less gas than a conventional pot. Watch the video above.

More about the Olicamp XTS Pot:
The Olicamp XTS (Xcelerator Transfer System) Pot reduces boil times and gas consumption thanks to the heat transfer system on the bottom of the pot. More surface area capturing the heat from your stove boils water faster and more efficiently. This one-liter pot saves time and fuel. Silicon covered pot handles and lid keep your finger from burning. Graduations stamped into pot for easy measurements. Fuel canisters nest inside with any Olicamp stove for saving space in your pack and helps protect your stove from damage along the trail.

  • Weight: 190g/6.7oz
  • Size: 1 liter 4.5”x5.3”
  • Hard Anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with most outdoor stoves
  • Heat exchange technology
  • MSRP: $29.95

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