Backpacking Stove: Olicamp Vector

The Olicamp Vector +XTS Stove Combo was recently featured in the 2013 Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide. For being a “Killer Deal,” the Vector stove and XTS pot were recognized as a “bargain cook system for two.”

The Olicamp Vector is an ideal stove for any backcountry pursuit. The stove’s fold-away pot supports and stainless-steel construction makes it a sturdy and light stove that packs up small when not in use. The Vector weighs only 3 ounces and measures at 2.75” x 3.8”. The stove comes with its own plastic storage case for convenient packing and protection.

The Vector’s flat burner head consolidates the flame for faster boiling times and efficient fuels consumption. Known for its smooth-action gas valve, the Vector provides a broad range of flames for simmering all the way up to boiling. At “full-throttle” the stove operates at 10,200 BTU, consistently boiling one liter of water in 3.5 minutes. Any universal screw-on fuel canister of butane/propane mixtures will work perfectly with this stove.

The Olicamp Vector can be purchased by itself or in a combo set with the Olicamp XTS pot or Olicamp LT Pot. The stove alone is competitively priced with a price of $29.95 while the combo sets run for $49.95 or $39.95 respectively.


Compact and light. Those two words are the secret ingredients behind Olicamp's solid line of backpacking stoves and cookware. The genius behind their designs is self-containment; no space is wasted when stoves collapse and pots double as storage containers.

Olicamp has been around for since 1984. Historically known for its innovative line of backpacking cookware—like the Space Saver Mug—Olicamp has recently launched a complete line of backpacking stoves of various designs.

Liberty Mountain is the U.S. distributor of Olicamp products. Check with your local outdoor gear store or favorite online site for Olicamp stoves and cookware.

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  1. Thank's for review. This stove is the greatest and as for using small cups there are now two slats of metal to make a cross on the top or just use 3 aluminum tent pegs across the top. Thank's for tips & sharing to Olicamp Vector. backpackmagazine