Tent Tips

Peregrine Camping Equipment provided us with 7 great tent tips that will make camping more enjoyable and will extend the life of your tent. Share with us your favorite tent tips in the comments below.

Stuff Your Tent, Don't Fold It
Folding your tent and rolling it up the same way every time you pack it up will wear out specific spots on your tent quicker than if you were to just stuff your tent in its stuff sack. Besides, you’re guaranteed to fit every component into the tent’s stuff sack when you stuff them in rather than folding and rolling.

Stuff In The Rainfly First, Tent Second, and Footprint Last
Word to the wise: When packing up your tent into its stuff sack, stuff in the rainfly first, tent second, and footprint last. This will allow you to set up your tent by pulling out each item in the correct order next time you set it up. This is extremely helpful in rainy conditions. No more letting your rainfly sit in the mud and get rained on while you keep digging for the footprint.

Poles First...Always
The first items you should pull out and get ready when setting up your tent are the poles. Why? Because then they are assembled and organized, ready to be used. The last thing you want on a windy and/or rainy day is to have your footprint, tent, and rainfly getting blown away or drenched while you wrestle the poles and try to figure out which one goes where.

Split Up The Tent Pieces With Your Partner
When backpacking with a partner, split up the tent components to share the weight and bulk. One person carries the rainfly, tent, and footprint while the other carries the poles and stakes. This allows the soft items to be compressed even more to save space, while the poles and stakes are easily strapped on the outside of a pack.

Learn To Tie The Taut-Line Hitch
The magic knot for tying down guylines is the Taut-Line Hitch. The taunt-line creates the perfect adjustment system to get the guylines tight and your rainfly working how it should. No more trying to tighten those lines before tying the knot, resulting is a limp line. Now you can tie the knot and then tighten it till your heart is content.

Face The Door Into The Wind
Avoid getting flying insects inside your tent by positioning the door of your tent so that if faces the wind/breeze. By doing the opposite, your tent’s door will be the perfect spot for mosquitoes and flies to hide from the wind. They will then be ready like an army to invade your nylon bio-dome when you unzip the door.

Save Weight By Ditching The Tent
Consider buying a tent whose rainfly, footprint, and poles still set up together without the actual tent. This provides a third configuration option that cuts down on weight and bulk for those times when you really don’t need to be totally contained within the zippers of a tent. It totally saves on weight.


Peregrine Camping Equipment specializes in making tents, sleeping bags, and other camping accessories like ditty bags and stuff sacks. Liberty Mountain distributes Peregrine's complete product line. Click here for Peregrine's 2013 Workbook.


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