March Mountain Madness

The following adventure report is from Liberty Mountain employee, Marc Maybee.

I went up to Snowbird Resort this past weekend with a couple of buddies, not expecting much as they reported only two inches of fresh snow. We still got up early to try and catch the first or second tram. To our luck, we caught the first tram and decided to head out to Wilber Bowl, one of our favorite runs at Snowbird.

Wilber Bowl is one of the longer sustained runs and for being north facing it usually holds good soft snow. On that day, we had some favorable wind that blew snow from up over the ridge and dumped it into Wilber Bowl. We found spots that were knee and thigh deep and untouched. So much for that two-inch snow report.

We lapped Wilber Bowl a couple of times then decided to see how the Cirque was. After another trip up the tram we headed to one of our “secret stashes” that we have named Rock Shoots. Rock Shoots is a bit scary to get into, but once you are in you are guaranteed sweet snow. After dropping off the edge into Rock Shoot, I did a few check turns to see how the snow was going to hold and after the third turn I knew it was good, so I pointed my skis towards the small, but mandatory cliff and jumped off into a field of POW. I made 3-4 huge turns with snow blowing over my shoulders and me laughing all the way down. We all met up at the bottom with the same ear-to-ear smile and snow plastered faces.

March is always one of my favorite times to go skiing. We get good storms and most people are done skiing at this point. Even the tourists have stopped coming in hoards like they do early in the year. We usually have walk-on trams and can find good snow almost every run.

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