Outdoor Retailer Recap - Winter 2013

If Chuck E. Cheese's is the place "where a kid can be a kid," than we're safe to say that Outdoor Retailer is a place where an adult can pretend he's a kid in a candy shop.

The Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, UT is an amazing time for Liberty Mountain to present to the world of retailers all the amazing new and current gear that we distribute in the U.S. Last weekend, we decked out our large show-room space with the brands and products that we stand firmly behind.

With limited space, we are only able to show off a tiny tip of the iceberg of what Liberty Mountain offers. At this OR show, we proudly displayed the newest products from Vaude, Grivel, Valandre, Trekmates, Beal, Edelweiss, Nalgene, Singing Rock, Cypher, Omega Pacific, Peregrine, Trangia, Olicamp, Guyot, and a few others.

The biggest highlight of the show is being able to show off the latest and greatest widgets from the brands we represent. At this show, we got to give people a sneak peek at the following items that have yet to hit the shelves:
  • Vaude Updraft Ski Backpack
  • Vaude Flaine Ski Backpack
  • Grivel Marbrees Ski/Snowboard Backpack
  • Grivel Freeride and Grivel Trail Single-Shoulder Packs
  • Olicamp Ion Backpacking Stove - the smallest, lightest, and most compact in the world
  • Grivel Reparto Corse Ice Tools - alloy and carbon versions of the Force and Master axes
  • Cypher Climbing Shoes
  • Beal Unicore Ropes
  • Peregrine Stuff Sacks and Ditty Bags

The Liberty Mountain booth wasn't only for looking. We are always handing out sample items to the show attendees, e.g., energy bars, hats, coffee, electrolytes, posters, and more. In fact, we even had a mini-party on the second day with a Wine and Jerky Tasting Party.

As an exhibitor at the Outdoor Retailer show, it's important to stand in the limelight every so often. That's why we worked hard to have impressive new items to display and made sure that the media knew about it. Thanks to the popular publication called the OR Daily we had something published is all four issues during the show.

Just like at the OR show, we also use this blog to showcase the latest and greatest gear from our vendors. Keep visiting this blog often for sneak peeks, reviews, and more.

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