Cutting a Beal Unicore Rope

Video Description From Vimeo.
In this video, a demonstration is given to show what happens to a weighted rope when the sheath is cut. The first rope is standard climbing rope and the second rope is a Beal Diablo 10.2 Unicore rope. See what happens to each rope when the sheath is cut. Notice that the Diablo rope, with Unicore technology, doesn't experience any sheath slippage when cut.

Learn more about UNICORE on the LMC Blog: http://libertymountainclimbing.blogspot.com/2012/07/unicore-beals-special-ing...

UNICORE is the industry leading method of securing the core and sheath of a rope together without changing the rope's performance and durability properties. UNICORE is much like the biological tissue/membrane that keeps the skin attached to the rest of the body.

With a UNICORE rope, climbers won't experience their sheath bunching at the ends and the core will not be overexposed from sheath slippage if the sheath gets cut. That alone will allow any climber to retreat on a rope whose sheath is cut and still be able to pass it through the chains, carabiners, and belay/rappel devices.

UNICORE is stretchy, supple, and compatible with Beal's special water and abrasion treatments. This means that the UNICORE technology can be used on both dynamic and static ropes as well as ropes intended for dry and wet condition.

You can find the Beal Diablo 10.2 and 9.8 ropes at almost any climbing gear shop, or you can buy it directly from http://www.libertymountainclimbing.com

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