The Cypher Code Breaker

The following trip report is by Benjamin Eaton, Liberty Mountain’s Communications Specialist.

"Indy and Fisher Eaton, your mission, shall you accept it, is to scale an insurmountable amount of cliffs and boulders. We have issued you a pair of Cypher Code Breaker climbing shoes to make your mission successful. Wear them with pride. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds..."

With excited smiles my two little boys received a pair of Cypher Code Breaker climbing shoes for beta testing. They couldn't wait to try them out. We first took them to an indoor climbing wall where they were able to get familiar with them and break them in. Then we headed out on a four-day trip to Red Rocks, Nevada to exploit the shoe’s performance on varnished sandstone.

The Cypher Code Breakers were specifically designed for children. At the ages of 4 and 6, my boys were able to put the shoes on, strap them tight, climb, and then take them off...all by themselves. That alone was a deal breaker. Indy and Fisher are very independent and can't stand it when my wife and I have to assist them in any way.

After a half-mile approach to the Hidden Falls crag in the Willow Spring area at Red Rocks, Indy and Fisher selected a portion of the wall that they desired to take laps on. Doing it all by themselves, they took turns using the shoes and left my wife and I free to lead the climbs towering over us. Eventually, we busted out the full-body kids harness and roped both boys up to have them try the Code Breakers on something a little steeper.

The Code Breakers left my two boys feeling confident on the rock. If it weren’t for these shoes, my boys would otherwise choose to climb barefoot. However, the low profile design and the sticky Enigma rubber allowed them to feel as though they were semi-barefoot, kept their feet from sliding around on the rock, and protected their toes. As a parent, I was 100% happy with them and my boys are already anxious to use them again.


The new Cypher Code Breakers, along with many other new Cypher climbing shoes, are scheduled to hit the market during the beginning of 2013. Keep an eye out for them at your local Cypher dealer and on libertymountainclimbing.com

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