The Petzl Headlamp - Outside Magazine's Most Influential Gear

Outside Magazine named the Petzl Headlamp as the “Most Influential Gear of All Time.” 

The world says that the father of the headlamp is Fernand Petzl. Maybe it is because he used the elastics from his wife’s bra to make his first headlamp prototype for caving. In all reality, Fernand Petzl incorporated his caving headlamp designs to invent the first mountaineering headlamp in 1973.

The Petzl brand and company holds strong to its reputation as the innovators of the headlamp industry. They started leading the pack when Fernand started cutting up his wife’s bra and they continue to be in the lead still to this day with the thinks-for-itself Petzl Nao headlamp. In 1984, Petzl came up with the rotating on/off switch that also focuses the light that many flashlights still use today. In 2000, Petzl brought out the first LED headlamp that we know as the TIKKA.


As a distributor of Petzl headlamps, we are honored to carry the brand that revolutionized the caving and mountaineering light industry.

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