Mountain House Backpacking Meals - Outside Magazine's Most Influential Gear

Outside Magazine named Mountain House Freeze Dried Camp Foods as the "Most Influential Gear Of All Time."

Boil. Rip. Pour. Eat. It’s just so easy, convenient, and tasty.

A good meal usually weighed at least a pound in your backpack; now it only weighs ounces. The preparation and cook time of a good meal typically took an hour to cook; now it only takes minutes. Eating a real meal while backpacking doesn’t have to be a heavy, messy, and lengthy task, even with canned foods. Eating like a king while backpacking is now an enjoyable experience, thanks to Mountain House Freeze Dried Camp Foods.

In the 1960’s, Mountain House’s freeze dried camp foods, owned by Oregon Freeze Dry, started out as freeze dried military rations. The US military needed something that tasted better, weighed less, and were easier to prepare than canned rations. Thanks to army surplus stores, the general public, including outdoor enthusiasts, were able to get their hands on these great tasting and easy to prepare meals that worked perfectly for camping and backpacking. All of the consumer-demand that quickly generated lead to the official line of Mountain House meals for outdoor recreational use in the early 1970’s.

Since then, Mountain House has continued to increase their number of recipes and meal options with other companies jumping on the bandwagon to offer similar products. We salute Mountain House for their dedicated work of inventing a product that we all consider to be a lifesaver.

At Liberty Mountain, we distribute a lot of Mountain House products to stores across the U.S. and even to other countries. Not only do we carry the line of outdoor recreation meals, but we provide a great selection of the emergency preparedness meal kits as well.


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