Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - OM's Most Influential Gear

**This is one of many posts featuring items on Outside Magazine's Most Influential Gear list that we distribute from the Liberty Mountain warehouses to outdoor gear shops around the USA.**

In the 1880's the Swiss Army needed a standard-issue pocketknife for their soldiers to disassemble their service rifle and open canned food. In 1891, a German company made the Modell 1890 that consisted of a blade, reamer, can-opener, and screwdriver. Desiring to issue their troops a knife made in Switzerland, the Swiss Army contracted Karl Elsener, Founder of Victorinox, to produce the Modell 1890 in their home country.

As years past, Karl started experimenting with the basic design of the Modell 1890 which led to a historically recognized line of knives. It started with adding a corkscrew and a second blade and now some models even feature a jump-drive for electronic storage.

These knives have been the life-saving tools for countless amounts of people, figuratively and literally. They are one of the most convenient and long-lasting foldable knives out there.

Every year, Liberty Mountain distributes hoards of Victorinox and Wenger knives to local and major retail stores across American. What once was a standard-issue pocketknife for the Swiss Army is now a must-have item for everyone's pocket, belt, and keychain around the World.

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