Liberty Mountain Employee Climbing Night - June

The end of June was upon us and the hot temperatures outside were getting to be unbearable. We needed shade and we needed it fast. The idea of trying to pinch a rock in 100º F weather when you are 30 feet off the ground is almost insane. But that didn't stop us.

Sheltered by the position of the cliffs and the denseness of the trees, we were able to evade the rays of the late-afternoon sun. It was after 5pm and one-by-one our group grew larger at the crag as employees emerged from their offices. On this evening we traded in our computers and desk-chairs for a harness and climbing rope and enjoyed an evening of camaraderie.

We spent the evening at The Watchtower area in Ferguson Canyon where we roped up with one another and cheered for each other's success to the top. Not only were we bonding and getting to know each other, but we had the chance to try out some of the newer products that we put into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts around the nation.

In the photo below you see the newly hired Benjamin Eaton on his second lap of the Fortress. This was Ben's first time experiencing the lightweight features of both the Singing Rock Crux harness and the Grivel Plume quickdraws.

One of the highlights of the evening was realizing how easy and reliable it was to use the Click Up belay device. Without any moving parts, this innovative belay device will self-lock when the rope is loaded. Sales rep, Jason Shumaker gave it two thumbs up and a great big smile, as seen below.

We chose to equip the Conflict route with our very own Cypher Vesta quickdraws and belayed each other on lead with the Edelweiss Energy 9.5. This was a great route to experience the supple action of this particular rope clipping into fast-action quickdraws with its 11 bolts conveniently placed every 5-6 feet apart. Jennilyn Eaton is framed is this photo as she scores two hand-jams at the crux of the route.

All in all, it was a good day and everyone had fun. At Liberty Mountain, we have a lot of employees that love the outdoors but not all of us rock climb. It's evenings like these that allow us to learn new skills and share with on another some things that makes us feel alive.

Gary Heward, Liberty Mountain's President, arriving at the crag and ready to get on the rock.
What is a company climbing trip without some kids. This time they brought their Hot Wheels®.
Our sales reps, Lindsey, Aaron, and Alex taking turns on Holy Grail
The Beal Diablo is hung and waiting for someone on Extreme Unction while others get after it on Inner Light.
Life is good at the Watchtower Tiers.

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