Grivel Salamander Helmet

Sometimes it's hard enough for me to tell my wife that I love her, let alone announce to the world that I love an inanimate object, but here it goes. I love the Grivel Salamander helmet.

Jake Hirschi declaring his love on Pitch 3 of Betty's Altered Elbow 5.9. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
For the last year I have been wearing this thing on everything from single pitch redpoint attempts on my latest trad project to spicy runout slabs to multi-pitch ice routes.

Unlike my past helmets, the salamander offers full coverage and is made from a thick ABS plastic that is EXTREMELY durable.  I've found I worry less and relax more which helps when I'm 20 feet out from my last bolt and my legs are quivering while making the last move to the chickenhead where I can finally clip the next bolt.

It's also lightweight: 358 grams and inexpensive $82.50.  Grivel Salamander

I'm guessing that after my wife reads this I'll be wearing the helmet in the basement tonight...

Jake Hirschi - Brand Manager

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